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Toni Holt Kramer

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Toni Holt Kramer

Glamour, Politics, Philanthropy, Television, Magazines, Society & Film

TONI HOLT KRAMER is the founder and President of the Trumpettes USA.  She has served on the Women’s Leadership Board of Harvard University as well as many other Boards.  Toni’s extraordinary life has taken her from Hollywood to Washington, D.C. to Palm Beach, where she lives most of the year.  When not in Palm Beach her busy time is split between her homes in Bel Air, California and Palm Springs, where she lives with her husband Robert and her beloved poodle, Caviar Deux.  In the past few months Toni has been interviewed on television around the world and profiled in over 60 magazines and publications, including Town and Country, Paris Match and news outlets from France, UK, Germany, Japan, Italy, Denmark, Australia and Spain.  Vanity Fair did a two page center fold on Toni and her Trumpettes.  Aside from exercising, her early morning hours are spent studying the stock market and trading her family’s portfolio.

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