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    Toni considers it a great honor to have been invited to be a member of the Women’s Leadership Board of Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. 

    She has served for the last three years with this group whose membership is composed of influential women from all over the globe. 

    The Women's Leadership Board of Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government is a body of influential leaders that advances issues related to women at the Harvard Kennedy School and throughout the world. With more than 150 individual and corporate members drawn from the most senior levels of government, business, professions, and the non-profit sector from more than 20 countries, the Women's Leadership Board catalyzes, supports and strengthens relevant research by teaching and through outreach within the Harvard Kennedy School and the broader Harvard University.

    Each individual member of the Women's Leadership Board has been nominated for membership, vetted and accepted by the Executive Committee of the Board based on her professional accomplishments and demonstrated leadership in community activities. Each corporate member of the Women's Leadership Board has been offered an opportunity to join the Board based on its demonstrated commitment to women and girls. Together, the individual and corporate members of the Women's Leadership Board comprise a unique global network that is a global force for change.


    Web site: http://www.hkswomensleadershipboard.org/




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