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    Toni Holt Kramer Filmography

    • Film:
    • 1972 - Black Gunn
    • 1972 - Woody Allen’s Everything you wanted to know about sex, but were afraid to ask.
    • Television:
      • The tour bus stops here on KCET desert cities
      • Talk of the Town
      • 48 Hours
      • Inside Report
      • Good Morning LA - CoHost
      • Mid-Morning LA - CoHost
      • The Hollywood Report 
      • The Johnny Carson Show
      • Mike Douglas Show 1974
      • Merv Griffin Show
      • Toni Holt in Hollywood
      • Flying High (TV Show) 1978
      • The $1.98 beauty show (Panelists Toni Holt, Jim Brown, Louis Nye, Host: Rip Taylor) - 1978
      • The Gong Show - Judge

    Toni Holt Kramer - Magazines and Newsprint

    • Celebrity Society (West coast to Washington D.C)
    • The Beverly Hills Courier
    • Los Angeles Citizen News
    • Toni Holt's Movie Life magazine
    • Photoplay Magazine




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