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The world realizes how important this monumental election is. The issues at hand include the Supreme Court, terrorism, jobs, law and order, the economy and immigration. We don’t want a corrupt White House, therefore, this election is everything. I have been doing interviews back to back around the world, as well as in America talking about why we MUST ELECT DONALD J. TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT!

It is the issues, folks, and nothing but the severe complexity of the issues at hand that Donald J. Trump is facing. We need to push everyone we know to GET OUT THERE AND VOTE FOR TRUMP. If we don’t I am sorry to say we are going to have an unrecognizable America.

Click on the link below to read the interview, it goes into hard copy today and for all our sakes, SHARE, SHARE and SHARE again and keep on sharing, AMERICA IS DEPENDING ON YOURead full article here


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